Names, Pronunciation, and Pronouns

Learning and using your students’ names and pronouns is an essential aspect of managing your classroom, recognizing individuals’ worth, and... ... Read More
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Articulating Shared Values

In all communities, both virtual and in-person, balancing freedom/openness and inclusivity/safety is a fundamental tension. This includes helping students set high expectations for... ... Read More
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Helping Students with Anxiety

Anxiety — about homework, class participation, and life in general — is an obstacle for some students. While faculty are... ... Read More
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NameCoach is a tool that allows members of the Champlain College community to record and share the pronunciation of their... ... Read More
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Inclusivity in Virtual Discussions

Making sure that everyone participates in class discussions is vital for building community in a flex-hybrid course. We know how to get students to participate in discussions in our physical classrooms, and the good news is that we can emulate those same techniques for virtual or hybrid class meetings as well. In some cases, it’s even easier to use these techniques virtually than in-person. This is because flex-hybrid teaching naturally lends itself to using a wider range of modalities for discussion, which allows a more diverse set of voices to “have the floor”. Here are some techniques that you can use to include everyone in your flex-hybrid class discussions. ... Read More
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Designing Transparent Assignments

Transparent Design is a model of designing and presenting course assessments that maximizes clarity and equity while avoiding unspoken expectations.... ... Read More
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