Getting Started with Remote Teaching

NOTE: This article is intended for faculty in Champlain’s traditional campus-based programs who find themselves temporarily teaching remotely. It does... ... Read More
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Backgrounds, Real and Virtual

Montreal faculty member Adam van Sertima – a self-described “Dad, philosopher, art historian and Games Studies specialist” who teaches film... ... Read More
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Reducing “Zoom Fatigue”

"Zoom fatigue” is a real thing - it comes from the additional cognitive load imposed by trying to parse interpersonal interactions in a space where you can’t see a person’s full body and other physical cues that you get during in-person meetings. Here are some simple but effective ways to minimize Zoom fatigue. ... Read More
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Leveraging Videoconference Chat Tools

Zoom chat should not be dismissed as a "distraction" - it can be a great way to promote inclusion and encourage participation. This post covers ways you can use chat in your classroom and teaches you the tech you need to know to make it happen. ... Read More
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Guide to Videoconference Teaching

Read on for user guidance on Zoom and Google Meet (the two most commonly used videoconferencing platforms at Champlain), or... ... Read More
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