Creating an Engaging Syllabus

From Syllabus to Student Engagement What if a professor created syllabus that more accurately communicated their passion for their subject... ... Read More
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Engaging Students with the Reading

This article explores five strategies for helping students engage thoroughly and thoughtfully with reading assignments. Use the techniques that resonate with... ... Read More
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Inclusivity in Virtual Discussions

Making sure that everyone participates in class discussions is vital for building community in a flex-hybrid course. We know how to get students to participate in discussions in our physical classrooms, and the good news is that we can emulate those same techniques for virtual or hybrid class meetings as well. In some cases, it’s even easier to use these techniques virtually than in-person. This is because flex-hybrid teaching naturally lends itself to using a wider range of modalities for discussion, which allows a more diverse set of voices to “have the floor”. Here are some techniques that you can use to include everyone in your flex-hybrid class discussions. ... Read More
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Building Community at the Start of Your Course

The first day of class is a very important one in terms of creating community in any course, and particularly so in a flex-hybrid course. In fact, you can even start building community in advance of the first day. ... Read More
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Leveraging Videoconference Chat Tools

Zoom chat should not be dismissed as a "distraction" - it can be a great way to promote inclusion and encourage participation. This post covers ways you can use chat in your classroom and teaches you the tech you need to know to make it happen. ... Read More
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Digital Polling Tools

Active learning activities such as polls and clicker questions test students’ comprehension on the fly. While some approaches to in-class... ... Read More
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Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)

CATs are Classroom Assessment Techniques. They are quick activities that help educators gauge students’ knowledge, skills and attitude development. CATs can... ... Read More
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