Each Canvas course has a set of access dates determined by the College. These dates dictate when instructors can change content in the course and when students can submit work and participate in the course.  The following article outlines course access dates.

Instructor Access

Instructors have the ability to modify their courses (create modules, add assignments, post announcements, etc.) beginning 8-10 weeks prior to the beginning of the term and ending on the last day of the following term. For example, instructors will have access to their Spring courses beginning mid Fall and ending on the last day of the Summer semester.

Once the course access date has passed, courses become “read only.” Instructors may still view content and copy it into other Canvas courses they are enrolled in, but they will no longer be able to modify content or download student submissions.

If you need to extend access to a completed course, please send a request to clt@champlain.edu.

Student Access

Students have access to their courses beginning the Friday prior to the first day of the semester and ending exactly two weeks after the last day of the semester.

During this time, students will be able to view content, post to discussions, submit assignments, and communicate with the instructor.

Once the course access date has passed, courses become “read only” and students can no longer interact with the course or communicate with the instructor.  The course will remain “read only” as long as the student’s Champlain account is active.

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