There are three big-picture steps that any faculty member developing a new course or program should do in consultation with the relevant Program Director and/or Dean:

  1.  Look up existing curriculum using the Curriculum Archive
  2. Peruse the Curriculum Guidelines and Training Canvas course for a complete description of how to create and submit a proposal
  3. Create your proposal in Curriculog 

Because the CLT staff are not necessarily subject matter experts, we encourage you to consult with colleagues who have expertise in your subject area and are familiar with the relevant programs and majors for any curriculum proposals.

The CLT does not oversee the curriculum development and course proposal process, so please email if you have questions.

CLT Services for Curriculum Development

The Center for Learning & Teaching can assist you as you design new courses or make major adaptations. These services are similar to what we provide for anyone planning a course that already exists, but we can provide more detailed assistance for completely new courses and model courses. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or need a sounding board for ideas.

Course Design and Planning

We will work with you to help lay out your course. We have planning templates and resources to aid you in the process of laying out your course. Starting with just the learning outcomes and course description, we will work with you through syllabus design, the design of individual lessons and activities, and even help build out your course in Canvas.

We recommend you start with our resources on Backward Design.

Assignment Design

The CLT helps faculty with individual assignment design. Among other things, we can help you with:

Assessment Design

We assist faculty in designing and building rubrics, quizzes and tests. Besides the actual design, we can help you add these assessment tools to Canvas to make your grading straightforward and clear to students.

We can help you:

  • Find publisher materials and import these materials into Canvas
  • Design rubrics and show you similar rubrics used throughout the college
  • Import test and quiz banks into Canvas

We also partner with the Director of Assessment, Ellen Zeman, supporting the assessment of course learning outcomes and program competencies in Canvas. Please contact Ellen if your request relates to program assessment.

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