Flex-Hybrid was the course model for the 2020-2021 academic year. It is not currently an option for regular Champlain courses. This information is preserved for reference.

What is Flex-Hybrid?

Flex-Hybrid design gives faculty and students flexibility and uses a mix of formats to ensure that sound learning can continue while we respond to the uncertainties of place and time that the pandemic has created. The goal is to create the conditions for sound learning to occur regardless of whether individual students or the faculty member can attend any particular learning experience in-person, and to offer flexible learning that can accommodate individual learner needs.

Champlain’s Definition of Flex-Hybrid:

A course which offers multiple delivery modes of instruction and allows for blended learning (the integration of classroom and online learning), “flipped classrooms,” remote synchronous and asynchronous instruction, intentional community building, one-on-one coaching, and other “value added” options.

From the official Academic Affairs Course Standards – Fall 2020 page

Definitions of these and other terms are also available in the Glossary.

How Do I Get Started Teaching Flex-Hybrid?

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