Canvas Studio is an add-on to Canvas that provides video management functionality. You can:

  • Create videos and screencasts
  • Import media files or online videos from Youtube or Vimeo
  • Embed videos in Canvas
  • Comment on a video. Comments are timestamped allowing for robust discussions about a video.
  • Embed quiz questions in your videos
  • Have students create videos and screencasts for assignments
  • Share videos and collections of videos with colleagues
  • Caption your videos via computer-generated captions or manually editing captions
  • View analytics for your videos


Check out this introductory tutorial from theater educator and Canvas expert Ashlee Espinosa:

Recording videos using Studio requires installing a small add-on on your computer. The first time you try to record a video, Studio will prompt you and provide you the option of installing the add-on. Should you run into any difficulty (slightly more tricky on a Mac), this article from Champ Support will assist you.


Official Documentation for Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio Blog (learn about new features and changes to the product)

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