Google’s support site offers a lot of clear and useful instructions on how to use Slides. We’ve curated the most commonly-needed instructions below. We’ve also provided some additional simplified instructions where needed. 

Looking for more advanced or creative uses of Slides? See our articles on advanced uses of Slides and creative teaching with Slides.

Create and Share Slides

Create a Slides Presentation

Share with Others

Present Your Slides

Add, Edit, and Format Content

Edit and Format an Entire Presentation

Edit and Format a Slide

Add, edit and format text, shapes, and lines

Add, edit, and format images

Add and edit tables, charts, diagrams, docs, or slides from another presentation

Add audio

Add animations

Add and format video

Add and delete videos

Start a video at a specific time

  • Go to Format, then Format Options, or right click on the video after you’ve added it to the slide to open Format Options
  • Enter the times you want the video to start and stop into the text entry boxes below the video thumbnail

Auto-play a video

  • Go to Format Options, and check the “Autoplay when presenting” box

Mute a video so that you can talk over it

  • Go to Format Options and check the “Mute audio” box

Manage Q&A

Blank your screen during your presentation

  • At any time, you can change the presentation slide to all white or all black with keyboard shortcuts (“b” for black and “w” for white)
  • Use a blank screen to remove any material from the screen, to pause a presentation, go off topic, or to answer a question

Do a live Q&A session

“Level Up” Ideas to Try

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