If you as the instructor have enabled the ePub export option in your course, you and your students will be able to export the course content to make it viewable in this common e-book format. Please remember: ePub content is for offline viewing only; you cannot interact with course content directly, such as editing assignments or viewing any submissions. In an ePub file, you can view assignment details, availability dates, and point values. Discussions include the discussion topic. All discussion replies (graded or ungraded) are considered submissions and must be viewed online. Additionally, you can view any embedded media files in the ePub. Any files that aren’t supported in the ePub format, such as file attachments or PDFs, can be downloaded to be viewed in the file’s native environment.

Follow these steps to export the content:


In the right bottom corner, click “Download Course Content”


The courses that are available for offline download will be listed under “Current Courses.”


Click “Generate ePub” to start the process


Once finished, you can do the following depending on what content you want to view:

  • Download the ePub file [1] and upload into any eReader for viewing (such as iBooks or Azardi)
  • Download Associated Files [2] will allow you to download any files that aren’t supported by ePub into a ZIP file, such as media files and Microsoft Office documents.

If you want to download a copy of the course for future use (ie, importing/uploading into a future Canvas course), do not use this procedure. Follow Canvas’s procedure for downloading a copy of your course.

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