1. From the Champlain faculty portal, go to WebAdvisor (it’s under “links that require login”).
  2. Log in to WebAdvisor. 
  3. Click “faculty” in the list of options on the right.
  4. Choose “email my class section” (the bottom choice in the text links under “Faculty Information”).
  5. Choose a class section and click on the link to it.
  6. Choose “email these students”. 
  7. Choose either “email all students” or “email only selected students”. If you choose the latter, check the boxes next to the names of the students you want to email. Click “submit”.
  8. Use the form to compose an email. Don’t be distracted by the “Additional email addresses” boxes – those are only if you want to send the email to other people besides those students you’ve selected.
  9. On the form, edit your name if you wish and, if you have multiple email addresses on record, choose the address from which the message should come. 
  10. It’s helpful to CC yourself so that you know the email went out – so leave that box (next to the drop-down menu where you choose your preferred email address) checked.
  11. Click “Submit” to send the email.
  12. Click “OK” to confirm.

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