CLT Services

Online Tool from Publisher

The CLT can help integrate online tools from textbook publishers into Canvas. Different publishers allow for different levels of integration. Check with the CLT to learn more.

QTI or “WebCT” Imports

If the publisher’s materials are in a .qti format, we have found importing banks of 400 or fewer questions has been manageable.

Word Document or “Respondus” Imports

If Word docs or RTF docs are the sources of the publisher questions, each and every question requires reformatting. We have found that 300 or fewer questions are manageable.

Quality Assurance Process and Responsibilities

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Read each question for errors and course relevance
  • Take each quiz once

CLT Responsibilities

  • Verify that the number of questions matches the import file
  • Spot check each question bank by reviewing 10 percent of questions in each bank. If an issue is discovered, assume other issues exist in the rest of the bank.

Maintenance Process and Responsibilities

Textbook changes can make the quizzes outdated. The instructor is responsible for reviewing all quizzes after any textbook change and updating the quizzes if necessary. Typically each new textbook version of the quiz will necessitate repeating the quiz building process from the beginning

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