Google Meet can be a great tool for faculty to enhance their classes even when campus is open. Here are four ways that you can use Google Meet to improve your teaching:

Virtual Office Hours

Using Google Meet to host virtual office hours may introduce new, flexible opportunities for students to meet with you. You can establish set office hours and use Google Calendar Appointment sign-ups to manage the time. This is a great way to complement traditional in-person drop-in hours that is especially valuable for students whose work and family responsibilities may make it difficult for them to be on campus outside of class times.

Review Sessions

Rather than trying to find some space on campus to engage in a bigger review session (for example, a shared review session for multiple sections of the same course), hold one virtually with Google Meet. As a faculty member at Champlain, you can host large Meet sessions. Meet’s screensharing capabilities and features like polling and breakout groups allow you to present review material, check students’ understanding, and use part of the time for reviewing in small groups.

Record Instructions for Later Playback

By recording a Google Meet, you can provide your students with instructions that they can later play back. Record yourself giving a lecture, working out a problem, or physically demonstrating a concept and then embed it in a content page in Canvas. This is one of the simplest ways of recording video or a screencast.

Bring in a Guest Speaker

In -person guest speakers can be challenging and expensive to organize. However, you can easily bring guests to your students by hosting a speaker with Google Meet. You can set up a Meet call with the speaker and use classroom technology to join the call for your students.

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