This tutorial will give you the steps you need to log in to Canvas with your Champlain Google account information. If your browser is already logged into your Champlain Google account, you may not see some of these steps.

Type this URL or click the link:

If Prompted, Log In

If you are not immediately directed to Canvas, you’ll be prompted to log in to your Champlain Google account. Click on “Sign into Champlain using Google”

Prompt to log in to Champlain using Google

If you have logged in to your Champlain account from your current browser before, you will be prompted to choose your account (as in the illustration below). If you are using a new or public computer, you will need to enter your Champlain email address.

Account selection options for Google login with a Champlain account indicated by an arrow and box

Enter your Champlain password and click “Sign in”

Google password prompt with steps (entering password and clicking sign in) highlighted

Forgot your password? To reset your password, go to the Champlain College Password Reset Tool. If you’re still having problems, contact the Champlain College Help Desk via email at or phone at 802-860-2710 to request a password reset.

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