Do you want an easy way to manage student signup for one-on-one meetings?  Do you want to see ahead of time who is attending your office hours?

You can manage office hour signup using either Canvas Appointment Scheduler or Google Calendar.  In the CLT we have found that Google Calendar Appointments Slots are best for most faculty, and they can be easily integrated with Canvas.

The following video will walk you through the features of the Google Calendar Appointment Slots feature and show you how you can set it up for your class.

You can also set up your Google Appointment Slots as repeating events, meaning you can easily set up office hours for the entire semester!

You can supply students with instructions on how to set up an appointment. Please duplicate and modify this document, how to book a virtual meeting with me, to fit your needs (Champlain login required; opens as a template preview). Thanks to Barbara Colombo for creating the initial version of the instructions for students.

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