Midterm feedback is positively related to improved teaching and leads to higher student ratings at the end of the term.

Asking for feedback can be intimidating

Two approaches to midterm feedback

Option 1: Create a custom tailored survey, focusing on student learning, the teaching techniques and the faculty member’s delivery and style.  We have developed a template that has a great prebuilt set of questions that is easy to add to.

Option 2: The K.I.S.S. approach is three questions you can ask at any point and it is interchangeable across all of your courses.

If you plan to deliver your survey electronically then we strongly recommend Google Forms which our template is already built on.  It has great mobile support (students can take the survey from a smart phone) and it is super easy to use.  It is also very easy to make the survey anonymous.

Option 1

Click the button below to create your own copy of our template.  Modify the template as appropriate and make it your own.

You should only ask questions that you give you actionable data and that you are prepared to act on, so don’t be afraid to delete questions!

Option 2

Ask three questions of your students:

  • What in the class so far has helped your learning the most?
  • What in the class so far has hindered your learning?
  • What suggestions do you have to improve the course?

Additional Resources

Seeking Feedback – Questions and Strategies (CLT resource)

Michigan State University – Midterm Student Feedback

Seven Keys to Effective Feedback – Grant Wiggins

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