Panopto Captioning Basics

Panopto will automatically caption videos that you record into Panopto directly and Zoom recordings stored in Panopto. However, there are three important things you need to know:

  1. Caption processing is not immediate, and is dependent on the length of the video. Full-class recordings may take as much as a day to process.
  2. Automatic captioning isn’t perfect, especially if you use a lot of technical terms. While occasionally the automatic captions may be adequate on their own, you should always check, and know that you may need to spend time correcting them if you have a student who needs this accommodation.
  3. Captions are not automatically visible to students. There are steps you must follow to make Panopto’s auto-captions available to them.

In this video, we demonstrate how to activate and correct automatic captions on your videos so students can use them:

Additional Tutorials by Panopto

Captioned Zoom Recordings Stored in Panopto

When you record a Zoom call using your Champlain Zoom account, it will automatically be stored in your Panopto account (Meet recordings are not stored in Panopto). You can turn on real-time captions in Zoom, which you must do manually. If you have captions turned on during a Zoom call that is being recorded, the Zoom auto-captions will also be recorded. However, you must still follow the steps above to turn on captions in Panopto so students can use them.

Using Other Video Captioning Options with Panopto

Panopto permits integration of some third-party captioning and transcription services. Champlain does not currently provide such services in most cases. However, it is possible to use tools like that produce high-quality automatic captions and then upload the captions file. You can also download videos from Panopto and upload them to YouTube to generate captions there. YouTube will allow you to download a caption file you can upload to Panopto if you prefer. We provide a tutorial on YouTube captioning as well. At present, YouTube auto-captions usually seem to be more accurate than Panopto’s.

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