If you would like to talk with a specific person, you can make an appointment directly with Caroline or Josh for help. If you have a specific question and you aren’t sure who to meet with, please refer to the “Who To Go To” section below or email clt@champlain.edu. If your question is related to technical support, please read the Tech Support section below carefully.

Tech Support

Canvas Technical Issues

As a Champlain faculty member, you have access to technical support from Canvas 24/7/365. Please call their instructor support hotline at 1-833-209-6112 or chat with a Canvas rep.

If you have an issue with a student’s enrollment in a Canvas course, please email Champ Support (or better yet, have the student do it) so their case can be directed to an administrator quickly. The CLT does not provide Canvas support to students, nor do we encourage faculty to do so.

If you have a question about Canvas setup or use, please explore the “Who to Go to” section below. Champlain College Online faculty and course designers should consult resources within CCO.

Google, Zoom, or Canvas Account Issues

Please email champsupport@champlain.edu. CLT staff can assist you with how to leverage these tools for teaching, but we do not have admin access and cannot help with account issues. (Note that Champ Support only assists with Zoom if you have a Champlain-sponsored Zoom account.) InSpace questions should be referred to InSpace Support.

Classroom Technology Issues

Please contact Champ Support with urgent issues (a phone number is available at the link and is posted in all classrooms). Planned events requiring special technology services (e.g., filming or streaming a guest speaker) should be discussed with the Media Services team.

Other Technical Support

Please consult Champ Support’s wiki or contact them by email for all other technical questions, including questions about classroom technology, Champlain-issued computing hardware, the general Champlain website, WebAdvisor, and other issues.

Please consult the People Center about issues with Oracle.

For issues with the CLT website, please email Caroline.

Who To Go To

Wondering with whom you should meet? Identify your issue or question and click a name to make an appointment.

New Faculty: start by emailing clt@champlain.edu, or with Caroline Toy

Using Canvas: send an email to clt@champlain.edu for fastest service; refer students to Champ Support

Using Canvas Studio: Josh Blumberg

Virtual Synchronous Teaching: Caroline Toy or Josh Blumberg

Course and Assignment Design: Caroline Toy

Grading and Feedback: Caroline Toy, Josh Blumberg or Ellen Zeman (Sr. Director of Assessment, Curriculum, and Accreditation); for questions about Speedgrader, rubrics, or the Gradebook in Canvas, please email clt@champlain.edu

Setting Up a Classroom Observation: Caroline Toy

Accessibility: Please refer all questions about specific student accommodations and what they mean to the Office of Accessibility. If you need to make PDFs accessible, please use the SensusAccess tool. If you would like help learning to caption videos or improve accessibility in Canvas, make an appointment with Josh Blumberg, or explore our website resources on accessibility.

Lightboard studio inquiries: Caroline Toy (via email)

CLT Website (problems or suggestions): Caroline Toy (via email)

Want to talk to someone with experience teaching in your division or discipline?

Google, Zoom, or Panopto account issues: Email champsupport@champlain.edu

24/7/365 Canvas technical assistance: Call Canvas at 1-833-209-6112 or chat with a Canvas rep.

Something else? Email clt@champlain.edu and we will match you with the best person.