Three faculty members (two women and a man) talk at a conference table. One of the women gestures while speaking.

The hardest part of getting started is…getting started.

Have you just been assigned a new course? Coming on board as a new faculty member? Running a little later with semester prep than you had hoped? Simply don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry. Start here, or for newer faculty, check out our Zero to Go step-by-step resource.

College Policies and Requirements

Quick Start Course Design

Important! If you are a new faculty member (or you have been assigned a course you’ve never taught before), contact your Program Director for guidance.

Less-Quick Course Design

Find yourself with more time than you thought?

Ramp Up Fast with Canvas

Important! Certain courses, including all Champlain College Online courses, have “model courses” — fully built Canvas courses — available, or in some cases mandatory, for faculty to use. If you have been told you will be using a model course (sometimes called a master course) for an on-campus course and you do not see content in your Canvas course shell, please contact the CLT. Model courses allow you to bypass most Canvas design except for uploading your syllabus and setting your due dates.

If you are not using a model course:

  • If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course, decide whether you would like the CLT to join your Canvas shells no later than the Wednesday prior to the start of the semester
  • Consult our Basic Canvas Best Practices, which clarifies what uses of Canvas are mandatory and highly recommended
  • Consider using a template to make setting up regular (i.e., weekly) assignments, discussions, and modules faster and easier
  • If you are using textbook publisher resources that integrate with Canvas, contact the CLT at for setup assistance
  • Make an appointment with the CLT for specific assistance or if you are using Canvas for the first time
  • 24/7 Canvas technical support is available from Instructure, the makers of Canvas; click the “Help” icon in the left sidebar in Canvas for phone and live chat options

CLT staff can also provide you with other guidance and resources appropriate to your needs; contact us!

Jumpstart your Class Learning Community

As you plan the first few meetings of your class, consider how you will conduct your classroom time and build community and shared values with your students.

Need More Help?

You can always make an appointment with a CLT staff member, before or after classes start. We are available year round and can advise on all aspects of course design, as well as adjusting a course in progress. Consultations are available both on campus and virtually Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. We request that you make an appointment rather than dropping in. Please do not hesitate to contact us!