A group of faculty wearing academic regalia lined up outdoors

Welcome to Champlain College! We are excited to have you join our teaching and learning community, and we would like to invite you to take advantage of the Center for Learning & Teaching’s offerings as you begin your work here.

Let us dare!

The Center for Learning & Teaching (CLT) aims to support all faculty members with all aspects of their teaching and professional development. We serve faculty members at all levels of experience so that they can thrive as instructors and scholars of teaching and learning.  We are especially helpful to those who are new to our campus family, first-time professors and emerging professionals in the academy. Please see below for resources and professional development opportunities especially designed for new faculty.

You can always make an appointment with us! We offer in-person consultation; virtual appointments are also available for those who cannot visit us on campus during business hours.

Center for Learning & Teaching Services

Our services are available to all faculty at any time during your work at Champlain. The CLT operates on a 12-month schedule to meet your needs at every phase of teaching, course design, and reflection.

New Faculty Professional Development Opportunities

New Faculty Resources

  • New Faculty Orientation Site — This site introduces faculty to important campus service providers and key teaching and learning partners.
  • Who to Go to — This tool helps you identify the campus resources that can help you with your questions.
  • Zero-to-Go — Our self-paced guide to fast course planning and setup.
  • Faculty Senate Site — Learn about faculty governance at Champlain.