Collaborative Classrooms

by Dr. Miriam Horne, Associate Professor, CORE; edited by Caroline Toy, CLT Collaborative classrooms provide benefits for student learning and... ... Read More
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Minimizing Students’ Extraneous Cognitive Load

Web usability experts sometimes use the mantra “don’t make me think” to describe the ideal for clear, clutter-free web design and navigation. While this may sound simplistic or lazy, it’s actually just a catchy summation of one of the fundamental principles of “cognitive load theory”. ... Read More
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FERPA Basics for Faculty

This article is a primer on how to be generally FERPA-compliant in the classroom, Canvas, and record-keeping practices, intended for... ... Read More
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The Experiential Learning Cycle

There is a great deal of literature and discussion about what experiential learning (ExL) means. One of the most common... ... Read More
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