Please follow this end of term Canvas gradebook procedure before entering grades into WebAdvisor.

Please note: Ensure all assignment grades are posted before following this procedure. For more information, please see Canvas’s documentation on setting grade posting policies.

Click on the Grades link in the course navigation menu on the left.

Course navigation menu with Grades marked in red

Export Your Grades

For an advanced version of these directions, please visit the Canvas article on exporting grades.

In the Gradebook, click the Actions drop-down and select Export.

Gradebook with the Actions dropdown and the Export option marked in red

This will create a CSV (spreadsheet) file containing all your grading information, which you can open or download.

Check the CSV File

Open the .csv file in Microsoft Excel or a compatible program.

Dialog box for opening a CSV file with Excel

Within the .csv file, compare the Current Score and the Final Score columns for each student to ensure accuracy.


Please Note:

  • Current score omits all empty cells from the calculation (points earned / points possible of assignments graded = current score)
  • Final score includes empty cells in calculation (points earned / total points possible for all assignments = final score)

Doesn’t Match?

If the columns are not the same, go back to the course Gradebook. Enter zeros in every column where there are missing items. To save time, use the Set Default Grade feature in each column and set the default grade to zero. For more information on how to do this, consult Canvas’s guide to setting default grades.

When the necessary zeroes are added to the Gradebook in Canvas, repeat Gradebook export and CSV check to ensure they are the same.


Enter Grades in WebAdvisor

When the students’ final grades are reflected accurately in the Canvas Gradebook, and match in your spreadsheet, proceed to enter the grades into WebAdvisor.

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