Turning On Submission Comments Notifications

On the left sidebar in Canvas, click “Account.” In the expanded bar, click “Notifications,” and scroll down until you see “Submission Comment.”

A user's account notifications settings page in Canvas

If the Submission Comments setting is off (gray crossed-out bell icon), please click the icon to set it to your desired notification frequency. If available, you can also set notifications on your mobile device.

Checking Student Submission Comments

On the left-hand sidebar in Canvas, click on “Inbox.” Click on the top bar labelled “Inbox” to open up the drop down menu, then click “Submission.”

A user's Canvas inbox showing the drop-down menu with the "Submission Comments" option highlighted

You can now view student comments here. Clicking the blue text on top of the student message will bring you back to their submission.

A user's Inbox with "Submission" selected from the drop-down

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