Prezi is a presentation software that can serve as a more interactive alternative to slideshows made with Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides. Prezi presentations are created and access with either a web browser or desktop and mobile applications. Rather than linear presentations that traditional slideshows enable a presenter to give, the aim of a presentation with Prezi is to spatially organize information in a way that portrays relationships about the subject matter. This example Prezi on how to create your own presentations can give you some insight on how to craft your own interactive presentation.

When creating a Prezi account, login with your Champlain Google account. After getting a confirmation email, you should be able to create your own presentations. You can create iframes to embed your Prezi on websites. If you are looking to embed the Prezi into Canvas, the CLT has a tutorial here. Prezi presentations tend to prompt more interaction with content and can be a useful tool to employ in the in-person classroom as well.

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